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In today’s society, people seek ways to be closer to each other no matter what. Especially in our post-pandemic, technological world, the views on romantic and intimate communication have changed significantly for both men and women. 

Fortunately, the capabilities of modern messengers allow you to stay in touch at any time, any place, and, what’s even more important, they give you massive scope for intimate creativity.

Hookup messages have become one of the easiest ways to share feelings, emotions, and sexual experiences. In the same way, they help couples move to new levels of relationship, open a path to new experiments and make their intimate lives more passionate and varied. However, knowing what to text after a hookup can feel difficult.  

The process itself may cause tons of pressure. You quickly type drafts but none of them seem suitable enough, so you immediately press the ‘delete’ button. It looks like you’ve already pulled out every sexy trick you know, yet nothing seems to work right. 

So if you want to keep your hookup text messages fun, flirty and sexy without being too clingy or vulgar, we’ve got your back! Read this article to know more.

Text Messages After Hookup

Imagine you just had an unforgettable night with the person of your dreams. You get goosebumps at the mere hint of memories of your first sex. So it’s totally natural that you want to share your excitement with someone you think will be mutually interested in reconnection after a hookup. 

However, there are some important aspects you have to consider before messaging them.    In such a situation, think about what you want to have in the end before things go any further: a start of a new relationship, another hookup, or just nothing. 

For instance, if you have romance as a priority, we suggest you keep your approach fun, friendly and easy, focusing more on the emotional connection with your partner rather than on sexual aspects. 

Also, Clara Artschwager, a dating coach, recommends avoiding all the flirting stereotypes and just keeping being you if you want to build a sincere and genuine connection. 

  • ‘Ceramic painting sounds really exciting. Would you mind teaching me sometime?😉
    • ’ If your partner has already mentioned one of their hobbies, it would be a great point to start with. This will show that you’re not only appreciative of what they’re interested in but also want to share this experience with them. 
  • ‘It made my heart melt the way we laughed together, you have such a beautiful smile. Wish I could see it again😊’.
    • Send a message where you describe the sweetest parts of yesterday’s date. This will give a hint about your romantic intentions, and with their answer, you will know exactly what you can expect in the future. 
  • ‘I bought two tickets to the concert next Friday. If you are interested, I’ll put your name on the second one😇’.
    • It’s okay to take the initiative and ask them on the next date yourself. Remember, confidence is key in any situation, so don’t waste your time on hesitation. 

At the same time, we believe that your encounter doesn’t have to end up with only one night fling, especially if the sex was great. So, if you aren’t looking for anything serious but the possibility of a future hookup, we know how to do it with the right post-hookup text message. Continue reading if you’re curious to find out.

  • ‘Hey, you up?😏’
    • A flirty and direct way to start your conversation the morning after a hookup without looking too desperate or clingy. 
  • ‘Last night was mind-blowing. Would you mind if we do that again tomorrow?’
    • It is a straightforward text which highlights all the right parts, shows that you know what you want and that you aren’t afraid to ask. Confidence is extremely attractive and sexy.  
  • ‘I can’t stop thinking about you💭 Meet again?’
    • Naturally, you may have many uncertainties about your future chances with your partner. Having received an affirmative response to this message, you’ll know for sure whether you’re on the same page or if it’s better to part as friends at the start. 
  • ‘Last night was sizzling hot🔥. I want more! Are you free tonight?’
    • This one will help you to stay honest about your feelings and skip the small talk. 
  • ‘Memories about our fantastic sex keep me distracted at work. I can’t wait to see you naked again.’
    • Messages like this are really good conversation starters after the first meetup. They will make your partner feel special and excited. And the more excited one gets, the higher the chances for a future hookup.
  • ‘I’m having dinner with friends tonight. Wanna come over for dessert?😜’
    • This one is a perfect example of how to maintain a flirty and teasing approach, without sounding too corny if you want another exciting night together.
  • ‘Last night was astonishing, you’re really good in bed. I want to feel your hands all over me again’.
    • Remember, a person on the other side of the phone screen is just a person and may share as many uncertainties after your first time as you do. Messages like this will make them feel wanted and maybe even try to go further with their sensuality next time.   
  • ‘If you’re not busy tonight, let’s have a drink at the bar we talked about yesterday. 🍷’ 
    • This one is a casual and flirty way to show that not everything for you is about sex but also about having fun and spending some quality time together. 
  • ‘I had a dream about us and I now can’t stop imagining you naked.’
    • Messages like this will turn on your partner right away. Especially if your partner is a guy, he’ll be conquered by your confident and daring personality. 
  • ‘Want to come over? I wanna play with you.’
    • Don’t worry if this message seems too aggressive or straightforward. If your partner is mutually interested in a future hookup, they won’t refuse this offer. 
  • ‘What are you going to do tonight? Let me guess: me?’
    • Stay playful and expressive. This will be the best approach if you want to hook up again. 
  • ‘It drove me wild when you … last night.’
    • Try complementing some specific techniques that you noticed or anything that relates to your first hookup. Why not if this works well on you and you want to feel it again? 

Finally, even if the sex was good it doesn’t mean that you may want to hook up or see them again.

However, ghosting your partner is never an option and you have to make things clear no matter what. It will be really respectful and conscious of you. How to do it correctly?

Here are some suggestions:

  • ‘Last night was great but I don’t want to give you any false hopes. We should end this here.’
  • ‘Thank you for last night but I don’t see this going anywhere.’
  • ‘Thanks for the date, but I’m not interested in making this a routine.’

How to Reconnect With Your Old Hookup Buddy?

It’s absolutely nothing wrong if you want to send a flirty text to someone that you haven’t seen in a while. Depending on how long you haven’t spoken to each other, approaches may vary. 

Time passes and their relationship or hookup status may change, so it would be better to know all these aspects beforehand. And before sending a message to your old sex buddy, ask yourself how you want to feel afterward and whether you would get upset with a negative response.  

At the same time, all this shouldn’t hinder you from the idea to remind your old booty call about you. And we want to share some ideas on how to do it in the most excellent manner.   

  • ‘Don’t want to sound desperate here, but I’m curious to revisit things between us. How do you feel about that?’
    • It’s okay to openly talk about your feelings, especially with the person you genuinely liked before. This message shows that you are interested in future encounters and don’t mind rekindling an old flame. 
  • ‘Can’t focus on my work the whole day, I keep looking at the photos you sent me. Wish I could get my hands on the real thing😜 Are you free tonight?’ 
    • This would be the best suggestive message to your old hookup, assuming he or she has already sent you some hot photos in the past. In turn, this will jog their memory and possibly influence their response positively. 
  • ‘Hey, long time no see! If you are free this week, maybe we could meet up for a little night game😉’
    • If you want to reconnect with your old booty call, keep your approach teasy and flirty. This message will help you to know for sure whether they want to hook up with you again or if they are not ready yet to move further. 
  • ‘I’ve been feeling down lately, and I’d rather be feeling you up.’
    • This message is particularly great if your old sex buddy has a good sense of humor. Although it’s not the most straightforward one, it still offers far more room to maneuver. Especially if you’re not sure about the possible outcomes of this interaction, you may still pretend like you were just being friendly. 
  • ‘I’m gonna be in your neighborhood next weekend. Want to grab a drink?’
    • Perfect message if you want to hook up again and nothing more than just a one night thing.

Alternatively, you may start a conversation with a funny meme, sexy selfie, or one of many naughty gifs available on the web. Or you may also casually reply to their Instagram story. In any case, remember that you’re not writing some sort of erotic novel. 

And sometimes, the best relationship advice you can get is a mere reminder that there is nothing hotter than being direct about how much you want them. Go for it!

How to Respond to Post Hookup Messages?

Your replies may influence the way you will spend your night and should never be overlooked. If you need some inspiration, here are our suggestions:

If you are a girl

In case when you are mutually interested in a future hook up, keep your responses cute, sexy and adorable. Try to make the whole conversation playful and easy. Also, add your personal style and inside jokes you already have with your partner. 

It’s even okay to be a bit sarcastic and reply with a short and sassy message, especially if the text you received seemed too much for you. Send a photo of what you are up to, or respond to them with a flirty description of what you’re doing right now. 

Finally, take the initiative and share your idea about a future date to break out of the endless circle of back-and-forth texting. Examples:

  • ‘Yeah, last night was crazy. Although I’m not a photographer, I can picture us naked😏’
  • ‘How did you know? I was just thinking about you.’
  • ‘Hey, good to hear from you! My friends keep asking me why I’m blushing all day🥰’
  • ‘Sorry I didn’t see your message. I just got out of the shower’

If you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to set boundaries before it all goes too far. Examples:

  • ‘It was such a fun night but I feel like I need to get to know you better before we move any further’
  • ‘Hey, your message made me feel uncomfortable. Can we change the subject for now?’

If you are a guy 

Even if a girl has taken the initiative after your first meetup, it doesn’t mean you have to rush things with your answer. Make sure to maintain a personal approach, and try to avoid generic-sounding and short responses. 

At the same time, there’s no need to put a lot of thought into this. Just casually ask something about her day or make a reference to your previous conversation. Examples: 

  • ‘Hey! I’m so glad you messaged. Yeah, we had so much fun last night and now I can’t stop thinking some very naughty things about you either’
  • ‘Oh, really? I love it when you tell me what turns you on’
  • ‘I don’t know what to say, you just made me feel incredible. So I’ll see you after work tonight? By the way, how’s your day going?’

And if you have no interest in this continuing, you may reply with: 

‘Thank you for texting me, but we’re definitely not there yet. Let’s leave it as it is.’ 

Final Thoughts

The topic of sex is absolutely okay after a hookup, so don’t feel strange or creepy while bringing it up in hookup texts to your partner. If you both enjoyed the night, it would make an easy way to reconnect. Still, the main point here is good communication. 

Whether this person is your old friend or just a complete stranger, it’s important how both of you feel afterward. So keep your approach flirty, easy, respectful, and fun, whatever results you expect.