Isom Kuade

Isom Kuade

Dating expert and relationship coach

Isom Kuade is a pharmacist by education and nowadays is a specialist in life and people relationships. He helps singles to understand their internal level and mental world in depth. He navigated the dating scene for 2 years before his marriage, this expert knows everything about healthy and modern weddings. He helps couples to get synergy and overcome obstacles in a distant relationship.

Kuade helps singles to break the ice between them at the first stage and change their beliefs to get the necessary results. It is not so easy to create a family with a person from abroad with another mentality. He helps to overcome this difficulty using a holistic and also clinical approach. Under his guidance, clients can optimize their relationships, health, and mindset. 

Kuade uses a healthy diet approach to stimulate singles to feel and look better to be able to find a desirable partner or fit well his/her already chosen soulmate.

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